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What Exactly Is Outpatient Treatment?

If you have recently completed addiction or mental health treatment at an inpatient or another intensive treatment environment and do not feel ready to be without support, or if your symptoms are mild, an outpatient treatment program may be right for you. If you are motivated to seek and pursue recovery, however, obligations such as employment or family responsibilities have hindered your ability to do so, outpatient rehab may offer the essential flexibility you need to ensure restorative and therapeutic treatment is possible. Peninsula Health Center is a 30 minute drive from Long Beach, and is proud to provide outpatient treatment to Long Beach citizens.

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What's the Difference Between IOP & Outpatient?

An unfortunate misconception often exists when discussing outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs. Many believe that outpatient treatment is somehow “less” of a program than what would be provided in a residential or another more intensive treatment setting. In fact, outpatient and inpatient (or residential) programs both focus equally on helping you achieve recovery using comprehensive, evidence-based treatment. However, the differences in the treatment environment each offers its patients lead to pros and cons for each program type. Intensive outpatient programs and traditional outpatient programs share many similar treatment methods and program goals.

Intensive outpatient programs or IOPs fall between inpatient programs and outpatient care. The primary difference between a standard outpatient program and an IOP is the required amount of time scheduled for treatment-related activities throughout the week. Many IOPs require twelve (or more) hours of treatment weekly. These hours are often broken up into several hours per day throughout the week.


Intensive outpatient programs are an excellent choice if you need a higher or more intensive level of care than a traditional outpatient program can provide but do not need the around-the-clock supervision provided in a residential program. Intensive outpatient programs are also beneficial for someone who is transitioning from the residential or more intensive care environment to an aftercare program or a fully independent living arrangement. 

Outpatient therapy, whether for addiction or mental health, allows you to live at home while receiving potentially life-saving addiction treatment or participating in therapy to understand and overcome mental health symptoms. The structure of an outpatient program lets you remain actively involved in your daily routine while participating in therapy on a set schedule. In most cases, therapy sessions occur three to five days a week for a predetermined number of hours each day based on your specific treatment needs.


Outpatient addiction treatment at a South Bay rehab center, like Peninsula Health Center, is structured around your individual treatment needs and goals. While developing our individualized treatment plans, we consider factors unique to your specific recovery needs, including the type and length of counseling sessions, how many sessions you will attend, and how long your program will last. 


Most outpatient programs last longer than inpatient and other intensive treatment programs, with some lasting between three and six months and others lasting twelve months or more. Because outpatient programs are less intensive, achieving your treatment goals can sometimes take longer. Therapy sessions in an outpatient addiction or mental health treatment program often include a combination of group and individual counseling.

The Benefits of Outpatient Treatment Near Long Beach

Seeking outpatient treatment can be beneficial if you have a mild to moderate substance abuse problem or if this is your first time seeking addiction treatment. An IOP is also an appropriate first step for someone with mild to moderate mental health symptoms and who has a supportive and like-minded support structure at home. 

If inpatient treatment is difficult due to personal or family obligations that limit your ability to be away from home, a Southern California outpatient rehab program could help you access the addiction and mental health treatment you need to start down the road to recovery. Our outpatient services in Palos Verdes provide the same evidence-based addiction and mental health treatment care you would expect from an inpatient or partial hospitalization program. The critical difference is that outpatient care offers the flexibility and freedom you need to start and complete a comprehensive treatment program successfully. 

Another benefit to outpatient treatment services in Rolling Hills is its integration into many aftercare programs. Once you complete a primary treatment program, you will begin aftercare. Aftercare involves various ongoing medical treatments and continuous mental health and addiction therapy. Aftercare is essential to lasting, long-term recovery. Therapy that happens as part of an aftercare program begins during many outpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs. 

Finally, outpatient rehab often allows for an easier transition from a primary treatment program to your new life after overcoming substance abuse or a mental health condition. Because outpatient treatment will enable you to remain at home (and in your community) throughout the treatment process, you learn how to integrate what you learn during your treatment sessions into your day-to-day life from the very start of your treatment at our drug rehab in Palos Verdes.

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Why Choose Our Long Beach Outpatient Treatment Center

Our Long Beach outpatient treatment programs provide a safe and supported environment where you can seek the help you need to heal and achieve lasting recovery. While participating in our outpatient program, you will attend several weekly group sessions and meet with your therapist in an individual (one-to-one) setting at least once weekly. During therapy sessions, you will learn, reinforce and practice coping skills, relapse prevention skills, and ways to safely manage relapse triggers.

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The Benefits of an Outpatient Program

We also encourage all our participants and alums to maintain involvement with peer support groups and begin to develop and pursue independence. As part of a peer support group, such as a 12-step group or a group specific to your recovery needs, you can provide and receive support and guidance from others who share a similar journey. Many peer support groups have members at all stages of recovery. Therefore, they can provide insight, support, and someone to listen to when you have fears, worries, or concerns about your recovery. 

Maintaining ongoing involvement with peer support groups and alumni programs also offers a group of like-minded peers you can spend time with. Many peer support groups host and plan alumni activities such as hikes, trips, or weekly get-togethers. A strong support community can be extremely helpful during the early days of recovery when triggers are particularly challenging to manage. 

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Begin Your Journey of Recovery at Our Outpatient Program

An outpatient treatment center near Long Beach provides the opportunity for you to seek and receive the support you need to start your wellness journey without disrupting or putting your daily life on hold. The outpatient offerings at Peninsula Health Center offer the same treatment models and options found in our more intensive South Bay drug rehab programs.

Our outpatient program can help you begin your recovery in a safe, supported, and flexible environment. Reaching out for help is challenging, but we are here to support you from the very first step of your recovery journey. 

Contact us today to learn more about how an outpatient addiction or mental health treatment program can help you achieve and maintain lasting recovery.