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Welcome to Peninsula Health Center

Peninsula Health Center is changing the way we treat substance and co-occurring disorders. We take a unique approach to treatment from a total 360 perspective, treating the mind, body and spirit in an effort to build a solid foundation for sustainable recovery.

To provide effective care in a seamless continuum using multidisciplinary, high-quality, and evidence-based methods.

Change the stigma associated with behavioral health and its crucial role in our overall healthcare system.

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A Team You Can Count On

We have hand-picked our treatment team, led by Dr. Hemmat, to provide our clients with a safe and encouraging space where you can find the healing you deserve. Our drug rehab in Palos Verdes offers you a unique opportunity to not only overcome substance abuse and mental health, but to also to build a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Matin Hemmat, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Matin Hemmat, MD is the Medical Director of Peninsula Health Center (PHC).  He is a physician board-certified in Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine.  He is currently the only board-certified Addiction Medicine consultant on staff at the three community hospitals located in the South Bay area: Providence Little Company of Mary (PLCOM) Torrance and San Pedro, Torrance Memorial Medical Center.  He has won numerous awards, including Physician of the Year at each of the three hospitals.  He is a member of the Ethics Committee and the Chair of the Medicine Quality Review (MQR) for PLCOM Torrance and San Pedro.

Dr. Hemmat grew up in Palos Verdes, California.  He is fluent in Farsi, English, and Spanish.  He completed his  undergraduate education at University of Southern California at Santa Barbara (UCSB) and received highest honors majoring in biopsychology.  He received his medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California.  He completed training at USC/LAC Hospital and Eisenhower Medical Center (EMC) in Rancho Mirage, CA.  He received additional training at the world-renowned Hazelden Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, CA.

Dr. Hemmat places an emphasis on listening and providing honest communication with patients.  He believes that treatment for substance use and mental health disorders must be tailored to each individual and utilize a multi-disciplinary approach that includes holistic care, therapy, nutrition, lifestyle optimization, and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT).  He looks forward to the challenge of changing the stigma that our society has placed on addiction and mental health disorders.  He recognizes the void and dire need for quality behavioral health treatment in the South Bay area, now more than ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arianna Carbino

Chief Development Officer

Arianna comes to Peninsula Health Center for the love of the mission. Her passion for behavioral healthcare is founded in her previous personal and professional experience. Prior to joining Peninsula’s elite team, she specialized in substance abuse and co-occurring disorders at the detox/residential level of care, as well as, primary mental health at the outpatient levels of care. Having overcome similar challenges in her own life, she has dedicated her life’s work to encouraging and assisting others on their journey toward a healthier, more confident life. 

In her role as Chief Development Officer, Arianna oversees the development of trusting referral relationships with partners in the behavioral health field by connecting with treatment programs and providers who have patients needing Peninsula’s services. Arianna is most passionate about helping to assist patients in finding the right fit for their needs, understanding that our patients are complex with varying needs, and implementing and developing structures that can best meet the needs of the patients she serves. Through her work, she is able to witness the personal growth and shift in each Peninsula patient as they find peace and serenity within themselves. Arianna appreciates that Peninsula strives to bridge the care gap by providing an outpatient offering that prepares patients for the real world and strives to be a true launching point for their long term recovery and wellness journey. 

Arianna received her psychology degree from Antioch University. In her free time, she enjoys boxing and Muay Thai to keep her body and mind healthy. She also enjoys spending time in nature hiking, swimming in the ocean, and sitting outside reading on her back porch.  She further maintains mental and physical health by practicing yoga and meditation.

Christina Corona-Salinas, M.S, CAADE/ACCBC

Case Manager

Christina Corona-Salinas is a Registered Addiction Counselor specializing in the treatment of adults and adolescents struggling with substance use disorders. In her role as Case Manager, Christina is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for clients, fostering their progress in recovery. Christina plays a critical role in supporting our patients removing barriers to help them achieve longevity in recovery by empowering patients and their families to maximize independence and personal growth. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Christina’s versatility of knowledge and experience allows her to provide comprehensive care and support our patients and their families. 


Christina comes to the Peninsula Health Center team fueled by her unwavering dedication to the mission and a desire to give back to her own community. As a Palos Verdes native, she feels a strong connection to the community we serve and a dedication to providing quality care to our patients. With three years of experience in substance use treatment, Christina has worked extensively with adults and adolescents in Partial Hospitalization Programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs. Her expertise in this area is augmented by her certification as a Registered Addictions Counselor, showcasing her commitment to providing specialized care in addiction treatment.


Christina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services and a Master’s degree in Psychology. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, further expanding her expertise in the field. Her educational foundation enables her to approach patient care from a holistic perspective, addressing both individual needs and the dynamics of family relationships.Christina’s dedication to providing comprehensive care, her commitment to ongoing education, and her desire to make a positive impact in her community make her an invaluable asset to our team. She strives to support individuals on their journey to wellness, helping them regain control of their lives and fostering their overall well-being.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Christina maintains a well-rounded lifestyle. She prioritizes her own well-being through weight lifting and cycling, prioritizing physical fitness as an essential component of her self-care routine. She also cherishes quality time spent with her family and loved ones, recognizing the importance of nurturing personal relationships.

Debbie Kahng, CADC III

Case Manager

Bio coming soon!


Christina Weiss, LMFT, MPHC, SEP

Somatic Experiencing Facilitator

Christina Weiss is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner working in the mental health field for over two decades. With experience at all levels of care from residential to outpatient treatment for both addiction and eating disorders, she is passionate about supporting the healing of trauma, which often lies underneath.  

Christina comes to the Peninsula Health Center team, with a deep appreciation and like mindedness of the clinical expertise and non-shaming approach towards addiction treatment found here. At Peninsula Health Center, she runs a weekly group on Somatic Parts Work.

Christina is trained in both Somatic Experiencing and EMDR which provides the opportunity to engage and resolve in a supported way, automatic and patterned responses to trauma, anxiety, and overwhelm and relax into a growing sense of calm and ease. Utilizing these modalities an individual may have a more adaptive experience to sensations, emotions and thoughts contradicting those of fear and helplessness.

More recently, Christina trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS), focusing on Somatic Parts Work, which provides a deep understanding to the complexities of parts of ourselves (e.g. addiction) so that we may unburden that which no longer serves us and open up more space to self-energy and trust.

Christina holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Business from the University of Southern California and a Master’s Degree in Public Health Communications from Annenberg at University of Southern California, where she studied adolescent eating disorders and the media. She went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University with a focus on Spiritual Depth (Jungian). During her time at Antioch, she had the opportunity to study Attachment Theory abroad at Tavistock Institute in London. 

Being in recovery herself, she understands the courage it takes to move towards vulnerability and honors the therapeutic space created for self-exploration and healing. In her free time, you can find Christina in the local hills of Palos Verdes hiking her pups, Lily, a rescue mountain dog from Taiwan and Layla, a rescue German Shepherd/ Husky puppy.

Chanel Kenner, RDN


Chanel Kenner is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in nourishing not only the body, but also the mind and the spirit of the individuals she works with. In her role as Group Facilitator, Chanel provides nutrition counseling to our patients to help them better understand the role food plays in their overall wellness and recovery. 

As a Registered Dietician, Chanel helps clients develop a healthy and sustainable relationship with food that can last throughout their lifetime. Chanel believes that food is about much more than nutrition, but how we nourish our bodies, minds, and relationship to self and others. 

Chanel joins the Peninsula Health Center team with a passion for helping individuals struggling with mental and behavioral health struggles find relief and longevity in recovery through understanding nutrition and its impact on our daily lives, understanding that poor nutrition has a negative effect on our overall functioning and wellness. 

Chanel completed her education in Nutrition and Dietetics at California State University Northridge. Prior to entering school for nutrition science, Chanel had a successful career in Marketing and Advertising where she cultivated a strong foundation of professionalism, leadership skills, and speaking and presentation skills which she applies to her work as a Registered Dietitian. 

Understanding the importance of balance in her own life, in her free time Chanel prioritizes spending quality time with her husband and daughters. She enjoys travel, cooking and trying new dishes, yoga, cycling, pilates, hiking and listening to audiobooks and podcasts to continue expanding her knowledge.

Marlena Groomer

Yoga therapist, Neuromuscular Specialist, Certified Trigger Point Therapist RYT, CPT-EFS,

Marlena Groomer is a Registered Yoga Therapist, Certified Physical Therapist, Certified Trigger Point Therapist, and Neuromuscular Specialist in the field for over 30 years. In her role as Group Facilitator, Marlena offers our patients trauma and neuromuscular informed yoga and is available for mild neuromuscular work and adjustments. With a unique skill set and perspective, Marlena brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise and an emphasis on physical and spiritual health. 

Marlena joins the Peninsula Health Center team with a passion for helping individuals find healing through movement and mindfulness. Having begun her career working with veterans and active military, Marlena understands the benefit of processing trauma out of the body through movement and trauma-informed neuromuscular work and is passionate about bringing alternative forms of healing to the mental and behavioral health world. 

Marlena received a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from University of Houston before beginning her certifications. Marlena was certified by The National Association of Certified Yoga Teachers in 2013 before furthering her education by becoming a Certified Personal FItness Trainer through the National Council on Strength and Fitness. She later studied at the Institute for Integrative Healthcare where she received her Certification in Trigger Point Therapy. Marlena is currently furthering her education working towards a certification in Sports and Exercise Psychology at University of Southern California.

Avi Sherbill

Soundbath and Breathwork Facilitator

Avi Sherbill is a Certified Sound Practitioner with a background in sound production, TV and film music composition, as well as having a lifelong passion for all things creative. Having grown up in the world of orthodox jewry, Avi left that life to pursue a career in music but became quickly disconnected from purpose and self. Upon rediscovering a love of the pure vibrational frequency of sound and the power of breath, Avi began creating unique sound healing experiences to help others tune into their higher essence.

Avi joins the Peninsula Health Center team due to a deeply held belief in the Peninsula mission and their approach to treatment. Having had his own experience with recovery and utilizing multidisciplinary, evidence based, and holistic interventions, Avi knows first hand the power of these tools in helping individuals achieve long term recovery. Avi is motivated by the knowledge that recovery is possible through mindfulness based skills like sound therapy and breathwork to help calm the nervous system and help create a beautiful and meaningful life for one’s self. 


Avi studied at the Columbia College and the Art Institute of Chicago and later received tutelage under Mehtab Benton and Don Conreaux to become a certified sound therapist. He is a certified meditation teacher through MMTCP and the University of California, as well as a certified breathwork instructor through Rob Starbucks Breathwork program.


In his role as group facilitator, Avi guides our patients  in the practice of sound therapy, breathwork and mindful awareness to help calm the body and mind, helping our patients  to learn and develop new skills to help navigate their inner lives with greater ease and awareness.

Amy Calderon

Music Therapist

Amy Calderon is a Certified Music Therapist with a background in vocal performance and mental health. Having discovered her passion for helping others, Amy pursued further education in order to incorporate music into her therapeutic approach developing a deep appreciation for the power of music in healing and connecting with others. In her role as group facilitator,  Amy skillfully incorporates a variety of interventions, including instrument play, lyric analysis, songwriting, guided imagery, and more to facilitate coping skills development, creative expression, self-expression, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and stress reduction.

Amy joins the Peninsula Health Center team due to a like minded approach  to patient care honoring her passion for helping individuals find their strength in recovery through alternative and holistic modalities. As a Board Certified Music therapist with over five years of experience, she has honed her approach to be as effective and impactful as possible for the patients she serves. Driven by her genuine interest in mental health, Amy aspires to assist individuals in their recovery process, helping them find strength and resilience. She firmly believes in the transformative power of music and its ability to foster growth and healing. 

Amy began her education at University of San Diego where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music- Vocal Performance and Anthropology. Continuing her education, Amy received her graduate degree in Music Therapy from California State University Northridge. With her clinical background, Amy caters her approach to music therapy to a DBT informed approach to empower her patients on their therapeutic journey.

In her free time Amy prioritizes her own mental health through running. Her passion for running has led her to conquer the impressive feat of completing ten marathons. This commitment to herself and her own well-being enhances her ability to provide compassionate care to others. 

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