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Like many people with drug problems, you may be physically dependent on the substance in your system. When you quit your substance use, this dependence can trigger the onset of withdrawal symptoms. A supervised detoxification program can help you deal with the impact of these symptoms. If you’re heavily affected by addiction, detox will likely take place in an inpatient program. However, if the effects of addiction are milder, you may be a good candidate for supervised, at-home drug detox.

At Peninsula Health, we feature a full range of outpatient treatment support options for Palos Verdes and surrounding communities. That includes at-home detox services that allow you to safely go through drug withdrawal without entering a residential program. With our help, you can reach stable sobriety and continue on to other key goals in your lasting addiction recovery.

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Basics of Drug Dependence and Withdrawal

What is drug dependence? When you repeatedly use an addictive drug or medication, your brain tries to adapt to its presence. It does so to maintain a stable, day-to-day chemical environment. This adaptation takes time. However, once it’s complete, you are physically dependent on the substance in question. In other words, your brain now considers it to be a regular feature of its chemical mix. 

Withdrawal is a common reinforcer of physical dependence. It can occur when you do either of two things after reaching a dependent state:

  • Completely stop taking a drug or medication
  • Make significant, rapid cuts in your normal level of use

Each class of addictive substance has its own characteristic withdrawal syndrome. The specific symptoms of this syndrome vary from drug to drug. However, as a rule, all forms of withdrawal trigger unpleasant changes in your brain and body. These changes reinforce dependence by giving you the incentive to return to your previous level of substance use. 

You don’t have to be addicted to experience physical drug dependence. However, dependence is a typical feature of addiction. Like addiction itself, withdrawal symptoms may be mild, moderate or severe.

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The Role of Supervised Detox

If you try to halt a dependent pattern of drug use on your own, the odds of failure are typically high. That’s true because you must cope with the full power of your withdrawal symptoms. Even in their milder form, these symptoms may be more than you can tolerate. 

Supervised detox helps you increase your chances of withstanding the effects of drug withdrawal. It does so by providing effective symptom management. The process begins with an assessment of your condition. This assessment provides a wealth of information. One key piece of information is the severity of your addiction. Another is the likely severity of your withdrawal symptoms. Together, these factors play a big part in determining the setting in which you go through detox.  

Successful detox will leave you in a drug-free state. The process also has additional goals. Most importantly, it puts you in a position to continue your sobriety journey. In fact, without continuing on to substance treatment, your detox efforts may be in vain. That’s true because you may quickly find yourself falling back into your old drug use patterns. 

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Types of Support Provided in Detox Programs

How does supervised detox help you go through the withdrawal process and reach a state of sobriety? The specific details of effective detox plans are unique to each individual. However, certain principles are followed in all cases. 

For example, everyone enrolled in supervised detox receives some kind of supportive care. This is the general term for non-medication-based methods of reducing the impact of withdrawal. Such methods include:

  • Tracking your vital signs and looking for any significant changes in them
  • Providing enough fluids to keep your system fully hydrated
  • Using food and supplements to boost and maintain your nutritional health
  • Relying on a relaxing, comfortable detox setting to keep you calm and focused

If you’re addicted to stimulants or sedatives, this kind of support is usually enough to help you complete withdrawal. But if you’re addicted to an opioid, you will likely need additional help from a withdrawal medication.

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Going Through Drug Detox at Home

There are five different possible approaches to supervised drug detox. Three of these approaches require you to go through detox in a residential facility or hospital. However, two of them follow an outpatient model that lets you go through drug detox at home. The two options for detoxing at home are officially known as:

  • Ambulatory detox without extended onsite monitoring
  • Ambulatory detox with extended onsite monitoring

What’s the difference between these approaches? In the first approach, detox professionals make short visits to your home and provide you with:

  • An evaluation of your current condition and detox progress
  • Further support for your detox efforts
  • Referrals for appropriate, follow-up rehab services

The same basic steps are followed in the second approach to at-home detox. However, each home visit is more in-depth and lasts for a longer period of time. In addition, it’s conducted by a licensed nursing professional.

What determines which of these options is the right one for you? A main consideration is the extent of your addiction and likely withdrawal symptoms. As a rule, brief onsite monitoring is sufficient for people with very mild symptoms. Extended monitoring is needed for people with more substantial symptoms that still fall on the milder end of the withdrawal spectrum. 

To learn more about your options for detoxing at home, contact the knowledgeable staff at Peninsula Health.

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Comprehensive Outpatient Detox in Los Angeles

If you’re physically dependent on a drug or medication, you may need to begin your recovery in a detox program. Your doctor may recommend that you enter inpatient detox. However, a Long Beach outpatient detox program may be a better fit depending on your circumstances. This kind of program allows you to go through supervised drug withdrawal on an outpatient basis.

Want to know if you’re a suitable candidate for at-home detox services? Seek an assessment of your condition at Peninsula Health today. With our help, you can determine which approach to supervised detox makes sense in your current situation. 

Looking for high-quality, professional at-home detox services? You’ll find them at Peninsula Health. We’re your premier local provider of outpatient substance recovery options. Those options include convenient, state-of-the-art detox in your own home. They also include a full slate of outpatient rehab programs that help you keep your recovery going strong. We’re committed to helping you achieve and maintain sobriety in everyday life. 

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