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Whether you’re enjoying a sunny day at the beach or a walk down the pier, most residents of Santa Monica don’t spend their day worrying about addiction or the struggles that go along with it. However, everywhere has people suffering from substance abuse, and for them, addiction is a lifelong disease that impacts every aspect of their lives. The hardest thing about addiction is finding the right kind of help that you need to get clean and sober. For many, just admitting you have a problem and need help is hard enough. 

That’s why knowing where to turn to get the help you need is so important. At Peninsula Health Center, we are proud to offer addiction treatment to residents of Santa Monica and the surrounding area. Our highly trained staff knows how to deal with addiction in all of its forms, and we are here for you when you need us to help you learn how to get on the road to recovery and stay there. Today we are going to talk about addiction in Santa Monica, the important statistics, the types of drug and alcohol rehab programs in Santa Monica, the benefits of going to a Santa Monica rehab center, what to look for in a rehab center, and how Peninsula Health Center offers rehab for those in Santa Monica.

Addiction Statistics in Santa Monica

Like many places in the United States, Santa Monica has its share of drug-related issues. Chief among the drug issues is the abuse of prescription medications. Among prescription medications abuse, opioids still top the list, with fentanyl now taking the top spot away from drugs like oxycodone and oxycontin, which were more popular in the past. 

Reports claim that emergency calls related to fentanyl overdoses increased by 33% in 2021, and the trend is expected to continue even further into 2022 and beyond. Opioids have swept the nation to become the leading cause of drug abuse and overdose in America.  

Another study reported that 1.6 million people aged 12 and up reported having used some type of illicit drug within the past year. Coupled with the opioid epidemic is the widespread use of other prescription medications like Xanax and Valium. Marijuana and alcohol were also listed as problematic substances for Santa Monica. 

If you or someone you know is struggling to get the help they need with their addiction, now is the time to let Peninsula Health Center be the place you turn to to get the help you need for long-term sobriety.

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What Types of Rehab Programs Are Available in Santa Monica?

There are a few different types of rehab programs available in Santa Monica, and each one is suited for a different set of needs. 

First, outpatient treatment is a type of program where the client comes to a treatment facility and receives treatment and then returns home. Basic outpatient treatment is relatively unrestricted, so there’s little supervision outside of the treatment sessions. This is a good choice for those with jobs or school who don’t need much extra support while going through treatment. 

Intensive outpatient treatment is a lot more focused than standard outpatient treatment. There is more supervision, and the client must attend treatment several times a week and check in about their progress to ensure they are maintaining their sobriety. 

Partial hospitalization is another type of treatment that allows those with an addiction to be in a medically secure setting for at least part of the treatment process. This is to avoid any unnecessary complications. Most often, this is used during the detox phase of treatment to deal with the medical complications that can come with withdrawal. 

Peninsula Health Center has multiple rehab programs and a range of treatment options to meet the needs of our clients and to help maximize their chances of long-term recovery. When you’re ready to get help, come see us today and learn how our South Bay addiction treatment center can help you.

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What Are the Benefits of a Santa Monica Rehab Center?

Going to a Santa Monica drug and alcohol rehab center has a number of benefits. 

Being close to your own neighborhood means that you’re never far from friends and family. That added support can make a huge difference in the recovery process and help to ensure continued recovery once treatment ends. 

Going to a Santa Monica rehab also means that you get knowledgeable professionals from around the area who know the unique struggles of people with addiction. While no two addictions are the same, having staff experienced with the struggles of what people in one area go through can make the treatment process much smoother. 

Being close by also means less travel time for each visit, so that you don’t have to waste more of your day on the days you need to go for treatment. This gives you more time to focus on your responsibilities and rebuilding your life after addiction.  

Peninsula Health Center is the local rehab you need to help you get well. Contact us today to get started on your recovery.

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What to Look For in a Santa Monica Drug Rehab?

When you come to a Santa Monica drug rehab center, there are certain things that you want to make sure they have as part of their recovery practices. 

First, you want to feel warm and welcome when you walk in, not just like another number. Addiction is difficult enough without feeling like you are being treated as a kind of sick patient, so how you feel when you walk in matters. 

You also want to make sure that they use personalized treatment plans. No two addictions are the same, meaning that using one treatment method or plan for every client who walks through the door will not work. Any rehab center worth anything will take a unique approach to your specific addiction. 

Lastly, you want to make sure that you have access to care and support, not only while you are in treatment at the facility, but once treatment ends. Addiction doesn’t simply go away once you 

complete treatment, that’s just the first step.

Let Peninsula Health Center be your next stop on your journey to recovery. We welcome all clients with open arms and are here to help you get through your addiction and return to a life free of drugs and alcohol.

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Peninsula Health Offers Addiction Treatment in Santa Monica

Peninsula Health is proud to be the premiere addiction treatment center that folks in Santa Monica choose for their recovery. We combine traditional treatment practices with a holistic approach to treat your addiction and the underlying causes that led to it. 

We offer Palos Verdes outpatient programs as well as more specialized treatment types so that you can get the care you need, no matter what form your addiction takes. 

Don’t hesitate to get treatment. Rehab is the best way to come through your addiction and get to the other side. Contact us today to learn more about our Palos Verdes drug and alcohol rehab center.