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ILWU Drug Rehab Center

Finding an ILWU drug rehab center can be the key to helping you or your loved one get addiction treatment. Proper treatment for addiction and underlying causes can help individuals experiencing problems related to substance use rebuild their lives, treat core issues that lead to the misuse of substances, and form skills, routines, and strategies that support long-term recovery. 

As a leader in the treatment of substance abuse and dual diagnosis disorders, Peninsula Health Center’s mission is exactly that. ILWU can help you or your loved one cover the cost of addiction treatment at Peninsula Health. So, what should you know as someone with an ILWU policy looking for drug rehab services?

This page will discuss the importance of using resources like ILWU coverage to access addiction treatment, the programs ILWU policyholders can access at our treatment center, and some of the evidence-based treatments we use to help people like you or the person in your life who needs help for addiction. 

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Expertly managed medication-assisted treatment options available to all clients.

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We utilize the latest advancements to ensure all clients experience personalized care.

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We offer day and night intensive outpatient options so you don't have to worry about missing out.

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We offer integrative wellness solutions from addiction to mental health to overall health & wellness.

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The Importance of Drug Rehab: ILWU Coverage

In 2021, 16.5% of the United States population aged 12+ met the criteria for a substance use disorder of some kind. However, only about 6% of those individuals received addiction treatment. This is unfortunate, as proper treatment for addiction and dual diagnosis disorders can lead to fewer health problems and healthcare costs in the future, a better quality of life, and increased sobriety rates.

Substance abuse treatment comes in different forms, including inpatient rehab and multiple levels of outpatient care. Peninsula Health Center strives to increase access to evidence-based, effective treatment services. To bridge the gap, we offer multiple outpatient programs, which are often more affordable than inpatient programs, and accept a variety of health insurance plans. 

If you’re looking for an ILWU drug rehab center, you’re in luck. ILWU can help you pay for rehab at Peninsula Health Center in California. To check on your drug rehab ILWU coverage for treatment at Peninsula Health, please call our admissions line. Verifying your benefits should take a few minutes or less. 

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ILWU Rehab Center Services & Programs

ILWU can help you or your loved one pay for any of the addiction treatment programs offered by our facility listed below. After your ILWU coverage is verified for treatment at Peninsula Health Center, our admissions team will walk you through the next steps of the intake process. 

You will first receive a pre-intake assessment, which will help our team understand your treatment needs and determine whether our services are the right fit. Then, we’ll book your official intake appointment, during which your treatment plan will be finalized. 

Our staff members can recommend a starting level of care based on your symptoms, history, and other factors. Some Peninsula Health clients live at home with their families while in our programs. Others benefit from or require sober living. During the intake or pre-intake process, Peninsula Health can help you find a sober living placement if needed.

Our outpatient detox services may be an ideal fit for some clients going through the initial withdrawal process. While outpatient detox services are not suitable for everyone, such as those with severe symptoms requiring around-the-clock medical support, both inpatient and outpatient detox programs are covered by ILWU. If outpatient detox isn’t right for you, we can help you find inpatient detox as a precursor to one of our programs. 

The goal of any detox program is to help you get off of substances safely, with lower levels of discomfort and a reduced potential for relapse. Most of the time, detox of any kind lasts for 1-2 weeks or less.

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Peninsula Health offers the most intensive and immersive outpatient addiction treatment. PHP clients at Peninsula Health attend treatment Monday-Friday, six hours per day. Also called partial day treatment, PHP can be ideal for:

  • Clients seeking an outpatient alternative to inpatient rehab.
  • Those who do not need the around-the-clock supervision of inpatient rehab.
  • Those able to manage symptoms, like drug cravings, outside of treatment hours.

At Peninsula Health, PHP treatment schedules include twice-weekly individual therapy, regular group therapy sessions, and other services outlined in your treatment plan.

While PHP clients attend treatment for a total of about 30 hours per week, intensive outpatient program (IOP) clients at Peninsula Health attend treatment for about 15 hours per week. Clients in our IOP in Palos Verdes, California, still come to Peninsula Health five days per week Monday-Friday, but for about three hours per day rather than six. The lower time commitment required for IOP clients provides additional time and flexibility for other obligations, like work or school.

Standard outpatient treatment generally requires even fewer hours per week than PHP or IOP. You will get an individualized treatment plan as a Peninsula Health client, which will outline your treatment schedule and requirements.

Learn more about our programs by exploring the treatment options below.

Partial Hospitalization

Explore how our PHP program in the South Bay can help you recover from substance abuse.

Intensive Outpatient

Discover how our Intensive Outpatient program can change your life or the better.

Outpatient Program

We offer an outpatient program that is based on your needs, regardless of your background.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Learn more about Medication-Assisted Treatment at Peninsula Health Center.


Find out more about Peninsula Health Center's aftercare planning services and how we set clients up for success.

Tour Facility

Explore our modern and centrally located outpatient treatment center in Rolling Hills Estates.

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Evidence-Based Treatments at Peninsula Health

Our treatment programs identify and address the underlying causes of addiction while helping clients build new, sustainable patterns and coping skills. Since we are an outpatient treatment center, you’ll get the opportunity to apply what you learn at Peninsula Health to your daily life in real-time while working with experienced staff members who will help you find solutions to challenges that might emerge along the way. 

All Peninsula Health staff members have different roles and specialties, including specialization in distinct evidence-based therapeutic modalities you might participate in, depending on your treatment plan. Treatments offered at Peninsula Health include but aren’t limited to the following: 

  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family therapy, coaching, and check-ins
  • Medication management  
  • Mindfulness 
  • Life skills
  • Yoga

Combining multiple treatments means that you or your loved one looking for an ILWU drug rehab center will get comprehensive care for addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders or concerns, such as anxiety, depression, or trauma. 

We also offer chronic pain management and a wide variety of other services that help people like you or your loved one achieve sincerely lasting and sustainable recovery from substance use disorders. 

If anything has held you back from recovery up until this point, we’re here to understand it, address it, and help you move forward.

Your Health Insurance Can Pay for Treatment

Learn more about how Peninsula Health Center works with health insurance plans and how your insurance can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment.

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Experience treatment that works at Peninsula Health. Whether you’re looking for an ILWU drug rehab center for yourself or someone else in your life, we’re here to help you find solutions. To learn more about our Rolling Hills treatment center, verify your insurance benefits, or get answers to your questions about addiction treatment at Peninsula Health, call our admissions line today.