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Treatment in Pasadena

Severe addictions may require inpatient programs and medication-assisted detox. But not everyone has a severe addiction. If you or someone you love is struggling with a mild addiction, one that you have recognized in its earlier stages, a Pasadena outpatient rehab center might be the best form of treatment. Alternatively, if you have already completed an inpatient program but want continued support, our addiction treatment in Pasadena can be an ideal solution.

Addiction treatment in Pasadena can motivate you to stay sober and do what you need to improve your mental health. Our programs give you the tools you need to achieve this and more, with the flexibility to work around your existing schedule.

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Addiction Treatment in Pasadena

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab programs give you treatment sessions and ongoing group support that you can attend at different times throughout the week. Flexible schedules let you continue with your regular responsibilities. You get to live at home, but you check in at our Pasadena drug and alcohol rehab center for your specific therapy sessions.

Addiction treatment in Pasadena has multiple intensity levels with several different services. The format you receive will typically focus on individual and group therapy, education, and support structures.

The more committed you are to attending your therapy sessions and completing any homework you might be given, the more likely you will succeed in your treatment and remain committed to your sobriety.

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Levels of Care

Outpatient care for Pasadena drug addiction treatment or Pasadena alcohol addiction treatment comes in multiple levels of care designed to help you at different stages in your recovery and different levels of addiction.

Partial hospitalization programs are sometimes called day programs. These programs have the highest level of outpatient care with the most demanding structure. You typically commit to meeting at our Pasadena outpatient rehab center anywhere between five and seven days per week, for multiple hours every day. Each day you’ll participate in individual and group therapy as well as holistic treatment based on your needs.

Partial hospitalization programs can start with a few days of hospitalization for detox treatment. These require a considerable commitment, akin to a full-time therapy schedule over several weeks. You return to your home or a sober living facility at the end of each day.

These are ideal as alternative programs to residential treatment if you are uncomfortable with the idea of living at a facility or cannot reside full-time. They have been proven equally effective, but they last a few weeks or months less.

Intensive outpatient programs are the next level of care. These programs have you commit to meeting at our Pasadena outpatient rehab center between three and five days per week, for a few hours each day. You might have multiple individual and group therapy sessions on a given day, but you have more flexibility to choose morning, afternoon or evening programs that fit around other obligations.

Unlike partial hospitalization programs, this level of care can last a bit longer, anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You can expect to participate in things like relapse prevention, addiction education, 12-step programs, individual therapy, and holistic treatment.

Traditional outpatient or continuing care is the least demanding level of Pasadena drug addiction treatment. This is ideally suited for people who have already completed a previous level of care or have a mild addiction and simply need some support. With traditional outpatient programs, you only come to our Pasadena drug and alcohol rehab center or a local community center for things like 12-step meetings one or two hours per week. You might continue with this form of outpatient treatment over the span of several months or years, depending on what you need.

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How Long is Treatment?

Getting help when you have an addiction can be intimidating. It’s not uncommon to wonder what your friends and family will think of you, how much you’ll have to pay for help, and how long your treatment will last. Each person comes with a unique set of circumstances that requires individualized care, and that is why treatment is personalized.

The length of a Pasadena alcohol addiction treatment is equally personalized. There are several basic treatment options designed to meet needs, but you are not bound by a time limit and have the option of picking flexible treatment options or increasing the length of your continuing support.

Most Pasadena alcohol addiction treatment programs last anywhere between a few weeks and twelve weeks. When choosing a care program, you must consider what length will most likely give you long-term success. Many people find that participation in twelve-week programs is best for severe addictions. Research indicates that the longer you receive treatment, the better your outcome will be. This treatment doesn’t have to be twelve weeks of inpatient or residential care. It can combine four weeks of inpatient care with another twelve weeks of traditional outpatient programs.

While longer treatment sessions might seem intimidating, they provide access to the best tools and support structures for long-term sobriety.

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Your Health Insurance Can Pay for Treatment

Learn more about how Peninsula Health Center works with health insurance plans and how your insurance can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment.

Start Recovery With Peninsula Health Center

Depending on the type of program you choose, starting your recovery can be as simple as driving to our Pasadena drug and alcohol rehab center for your daily treatment. It might involve making preparations with work and family for an inpatient program or traveling in order to reach our facility if you live far away.


Once you get to our Pasadena drug and alcohol rehab center, you’ll be introduced to your care team. We will guide you through the admissions process, and your care team will help you better understand their role in your recovery and how they are there to help.

We have different rules and regulations for multiple levels of care, and any that apply to you will be explained early on. If you have a schedule of services you will receive throughout your program will help you get familiar with where you should be and when.

Your initial Pasadena alcohol addiction treatment or drug addiction program might include a quick medical exam and evaluation that involves the following:

  • Blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Urine drug test
  • BAC test
  • Personal and family history of medical conditions or mental health disorders


Your treatment might start with detox. Detoxification helps remove any residual compounds from drugs and alcohol from your body. This process comes with potential medical complications and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. With our facility, you can receive top-notch supervision and medication to ease your discomfort.

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