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Addiction is a mental health concern that can be judged from the outside without having an understanding of the struggles that it encompasses. Individuals who have not been exposed to addiction and those with little knowledge of it, likely have unrealistic expectations of addiction and the recovery process. 

While we have made strides in reducing the negative stigma associated with addiction, there is still work to be done. Something we can each do is to be mindful of our biases and attitudes when it comes to those struggling with addiction. It can be easy to make judgments of others without knowing the truths of their lives and struggles. Kindness and compassion are traits associated with supportive loved ones and friends. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, Peninsula Health Center is a Huntington Beach drug and alcohol rehab center. We offer Southern California outpatient treatment programs that are tailored to your needs. This can include mental health treatment, psychoeducation, and family therapy. To learn more about Peninsula Health Center’s addiction treatment options in the South Bay, call (866) 934-8228 today!

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Substance Abuse Rates in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach falls within Orange County, CA. Emergency Services for this area receive approximately 15,000 crisis calls annually. This number includes individuals in mental health crises and substance use-related crises. 

This number shows the importance of having access to affordable and effective mental health treatment programs in our areas. With proper treatment, individuals living with various mental health concerns, including substance use disorders, can live a healthy life. There are a variety of treatment providers available in our area who are capable and willing to provide you with the care you need when you are ready.

Peninsula Health Center offers Huntington Beach addiction treatment programs for individuals struggling with drugs and alcohol. We use traditional treatment approaches, including group and individual therapy, as well as alternative treatment options, such as movement-oriented therapy and creative arts therapy. Call (866) 934-8228 to speak with a representative now!

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How to Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Huntington Beach, CA

When you are ready to begin looking for drug rehab options in Huntington Beach, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Two of the most common concerns that people have is the location of the treatment facility and what their out-of-pocket cost will be. Addiction treatment can be expensive, sometimes even for those who have health insurance. If you are concerned about your financial responsibility, you can begin by calling your insurance company and asking for referrals for in-network providers. 

You will want to be mindful of the treatment programs available. Many substance abuse treatment programs offer specialized treatment options to specific populations, including men, women, the LGBTQ+ community, Veterans, and first responders. Specialized treatment programs such as these can provide you with additional support for your mental health and addiction needs. 

Similarly, if you are living with another mental health concern, you will want to ensure that you choose a provider that can provide you with the appropriate care. Research has proven that individuals who are living with a dual diagnosis have a stronger chance of a healthier recovery when they receive treatment for both concerns at the same time. 

Lastly, it may be worth your while to choose a provider that offers a variety of treatment programs so that you have access to a continuum of care. Everyone has their own needs in recovery, some of which are unexpected. Knowing that you can remain within the same treatment facility can give you peace of mind knowing that you can receive the support you need when you are struggling and succeeding. 

Peninsula Health Center offers individualized substance abuse treatment in Huntington Beach, CA. We can provide you with a variety of services, including ambulatory detox, Partial Hospitalization Programming, Intensive Outpatient Programming, Aftercare treatment, Family Therapy, and Medication-Assisted Treatment. Our staff will work with you to ensure that you are receiving the proper care for your needs. Call (866) 934-8228 to learn more.

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What Levels of Care Are Available in Huntington Beach?

Huntington Beach is a great area to be in when it comes to substance abuse treatment. There are a variety of treatment options available to you in our area, including outpatient treatment services. 

Outpatient treatment options available include partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programming, aftercare treatment, medication-assisted treatment, and dual diagnosis treatment. 

Peninsula Health Center is the ideal substance abuse treatment provider in the Huntington Beach area. Our California addiction holistic treatment approach will address your mental health needs, physical health needs, and spiritual needs to enhance your recovery. Call (866) 934-8228 to speak with a representative today!

Your Health Insurance Can Pay for Treatment

Learn more about how Peninsula Health Center works with health insurance plans and how your insurance can help cover most of the costs associated with treatment.

How Long Does Treatment at a Huntington Beach Drug Rehab Last?

The length of time that you are in treatment in Huntington Beach will depend on several factors. One of which would be what level of care you are in. As an example, detoxification programs can last from 4 to 7 days, sometimes longer, depending on your medical and mental health needs. Whereas an inpatient rehab program can be 4 to 12 weeks, depending on your needs. 

Similarly, outpatient treatment services can vary in length. Some treatment programs, such as an intensive outpatient program, are designed to be shorter in length, while others can last up to a year. The length of your treatment will depend on your addiction’s severity, if you have any other addictions, if you have any other mental health concerns, and the progression of your recovery. 

Keep in mind that things rarely go as we plan, so it is possible to have changes to your treatment plan at any level of care. These plans are designed to be modified so that you get the care and support you need to be successful in your recovery. 

If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol, you may benefit from outpatient substance abuse treatment. At the Peninsula Health Center, you will be given an individualized treatment plan that addresses your needs and respects your time. To learn more about our Huntington Beach rehab programs, call (866) 934-8228 today!

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Peninsula Health Center is a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center near Huntington Beach

Peninsula Health Center is the ideal substance abuse treatment provider in the Huntington Beach area. Our treatment program combines traditional treatment approaches, such as CBT, DBT, and ACT, with the use of alternative therapies, including movement-orientated therapy and creative arts therapy. You will be exposed to group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy if needed. 

Within our facility, you will have access to many different substance abuse treatment options. This includes ambulatory detox services, partial hospitalization programming, intensive outpatient programming, aftercare treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, and medication-assisted treatment. This allows you to receive a continuum of care as you are in the beginning stages of your recovery. 

Peninsula Health Center is an inclusive and holistic treatment provider that can help you establish the foundation and framework for a healthy recovery. We understand the challenges that you face in your recovery and will support you as you overcome them. Our compassionate staff will provide you with the support and kindness you deserve while providing evidence-based addiction treatment. To take the next step in your recovery, we invite you to call (866) 934-8228 to speak with a Peninsula Health Center representative today!