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Alcohol Rehab Center in Palos Verdes

When struggling with an alcohol addiction, a doctor-run treatment facility is essential for long-term addiction recovery. Peninsula Health Center is an alcohol rehab center in Palos Verdes, California, where we offer integrative wellness solutions for alcohol addiction, mental health disorders, trauma, and more. As a doctor-owned and operated facility, a wide variety of treatment options are available at Peninsula Health Center, including medication-assisted treatment and unique therapy options such as holistic addiction treatment, trauma-informed care, ambu-detox, and a wide array of outpatient detox treatments. 

Peninsula Health Center is a trusted Palos Verdes drug rehab center that can help you or a loved one overcome addiction. Contact our admissions team today to learn more about how our Rolling Hills treatment center can help you heal.

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Alcohol Use Disorder: Signs, Symptoms, and Causes

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) is a chronic illness where you can’t control your drinking. When suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder, you might experience an uncontrollable urge to consume alcohol, an influx of negative thoughts when not drinking, a lack of control over how much you are drinking, drinking during risky situations, and skipping out on activities you once enjoyed. Alcohol addiction can cause changes to the brain, so a person suffering from an addiction may not have control over their actions. Therefore, it is essential to have patience with your loved one if they are suffering from an addiction to alcohol. 

There are a number of reasons one might suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder, but it is different for everyone. Some causes of AUD may include coping mechanisms for emotional problems, low self-esteem, exposure to drinking at an early age, peer pressure, easy access to alcohol, impulsiveness, a family history of alcoholism, physical or psychological abuse, and more. AUD can be life-threatening if taken to a certain degree, and it is crucial that if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to alcohol, you need to get help at a local doctor-run rehab facility.

What Are Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs?

At our Southern California alcohol rehab, Peninsula Health Center offers outpatient rehab treatment for patients suffering from alcohol addiction. Outpatient rehab includes daily treatment such as therapy, counseling, and group therapy at our Los Angeles alcohol rehab, where patients come during the day or the evening for treatment while still living at home. People who choose outpatient rehab can continue living at home nearby to care for children, be with family, keep up with jobs, or stay on track in school. We offer day and night intensive outpatient care options, so patients do not have to worry about missing out. 

There are several known benefits to outpatient rehab, including dual-diagnosis treatment where you can work with professionals to cure both mental health disorders and alcohol use disorders simultaneously, flexibility with appointments where you do not have to feel stressed from leaving behind responsibilities such as working or going to school. 

Lastly, you may have an easier time transferring your learnings from our L.A. alcohol rehab and applying them to real-life scenarios, given that you have never actually left your lives behind to receive treatment. 

If you have recently completed addiction or mental health treatment at an inpatient rehab center and do not feel ready to be without support, or if you feel your symptoms are mild, outpatient care may be the right place for you. If you are in a situation where you are highly motivated to recover, but your outside responsibilities, such as raising children or going to work or school, are hindering your ability to receive full-time treatment, outpatient rehab may offer you the essential flexibility you need to recover whilst leaving room for your life to continue as is. 

At our alcohol rehab center in Palos Verdes, we offer intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) and partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) to our patients. IOPs are treatment programs made to address addictions and mental health disorders that do not require round-the-clock care, and PHP is the highest level of outpatient care offered at addiction treatment centers for patients who require more visits and sessions per week to recover properly. 

Peninsula Health Center, a doctor-run Southern California alcohol rehab center, is a 30-minute drive from Long Beach, California, and is proud to provide outpatient rehab treatment to local Long Beach citizens in need of recovery from alcohol addiction.


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Benefits of a Doctor-Run Rehab Center

One of the major concerns of addiction recovery rehab centers today is that there are many centers operating with no medical doctors on staff or even in affiliate roles at the rehab center. Although nurses, therapists, and psychologists are essential and do an excellent job in aiding addiction recovery, there are practices they can only enforce with an M.D. present. Some of the benefits of a doctor-owned and operated rehab facility include: 

Physicians have training and specified knowledge of mental health and addiction.

The likelihood of suffering from both alcohol addiction and a mental health disorder is high. In rehab, this is known as a co-occurring disorder. Mental health issues may include depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, etc., and can be very difficult to treat alongside alcohol addiction. It requires enormous training to diagnose these disorders correctly and to help treat patients suffering from co-occurring disorders. As an example, if you are only treated for your alcohol addiction, your depression remains, and if you are only treated for your depression, your addiction to alcohol remains. There is a nuanced and targeted way to treat co-occurring disorders, and an M.D. is the best person to tackle it. Physicians have a specified skillset to differentiate and diagnose your mental health disorder as well as your addiction and, therefore is essential to your recovery. 

Doctors can provide effective medication-assisted treatment.

Doctors who prescribe medications for those who have a substance use disorder are in higher demand than ever before. Making medication recommendations is extremely dangerous if you do not know how the body works, and therefore it is essential to take medical advice solely from doctors. Medications that you may need for your addiction are effective drugs, but they have powerful side effects as well that patients need to be aware of. These drugs come with risks and pose potential adverse effects that only doctors would be able to reverse and manage. You should always consult with a doctor before taking any medication related to your addiction. 

Doctors offer a sense of confidence to patients.

Our rehab patients are proven to feel more confident and reassured, knowing that a trained doctor is on-site and helping provide the best-tailored treatment for your needs. Rest assured, knowing that you are receiving treatment options that are effective and safe at our Palos Verdes IOP.

Peninsula Health Center is a doctor-owned and operated alcohol rehab center in Palos Verdes where doctors are on-site to determine specified care for our patients. We want you to feel safe and secure in our four walls, and our physicians are dedicated to delivering the highest quality care for each individual patient. We want you to feel confident in your recovery and our individualized plan for your care, and working alongside doctors who can diagnose and treat our patients makes for a trusted and effective treatment environment.

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Our Los Angeles Alcohol Rehab Center in Palos Verdes is a doctor-owned and operated facility designed to help our patients recover from alcohol use disorder long-term. At our alcohol rehab center in Palos Verdes, we offer integrative wellness solutions for addiction, mental health, and overall health and wellness. Our convenient location makes it easy for patients to access top-tier addiction medication in Southern California. Experience treatment that works in our alcohol rehab center in Palos Verdes, and call us to assist in your recovery today at (866) 934-8228.

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