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Finding a Seal Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Seal Beach, CA, is widely renowned for its surfing hotspots and local seal population. Like other Orange County communities, it also faces a variety of significant social issues. For some Seal Beach residents, those issues include direct experience with serious drug or alcohol problems. Left unmanaged, these problems can upend daily life for you or your loved one. In sharp contrast, effective rehab services can help you manage and overcome both substance abuse and addiction.

Need a Seal Beach drug and alcohol rehab center that effectively supports your recovery efforts? The outpatient experts at Peninsula Health Center are here for you. We feature a unique combination of primary substance treatment methods and holistic services that address your larger well-being. In this way, you get the best of both worlds in a coordinated, customized rehab program.

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Why Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Seal Beach May Be Right For You

Many people affected by addiction know they have a serious problem that requires treatment. However, despite this fact, people who know they need help don’t always enter rehab. There are several potential explanations for such an unfortunate situation. One common issue is not having access to effective care that fits into your daily schedule. 

To overcome this hurdle, you may need an outpatient rehab program. This kind of program allows you to attend weekly treatment sessions while still fulfilling your important life obligations. However, to enroll in outpatient care, you must be a suitable candidate for one of the three options in this category:

  • A partial hospitalization program
  • An intensive outpatient program
  • A standard outpatient program

Each of these settings has its own specific entry criteria. However, some criteria apply to all people who seek outpatient treatment, including:

  • Being free from severe drug or alcohol problems
  • Living in a generally stable home environment
  • Having significant amounts of support from friends or family members

Why are there three kinds of outpatient programs? Not everyone who can recover in an outpatient setting faces the same challenges in substance recovery. The three outpatient options ensure that all suitable candidates can find a program that works best for them. 

You can potentially go through the entire recovery process on an outpatient basis. That includes getting sober with help from at-home detox services. It also includes learning how to maintain your sobriety in active substance treatment. 

Peninsula Health Center is a full-service outpatient provider. For details on any of our three outpatient recovery settings, consult us today.

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Treatment at our Seal Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

 Primary treatment gets its name because it plays the leading role in effective recovery programs. Today’s primary options have been tested extensively by researchers and addiction experts. Since they rest on this firm foundation of knowledge and understanding, these options are referred to as evidence-based treatments. When chosen well, a treatment with this designation will likely provide the help you need. What determines which evidence-based options make the most sense for you? Notable factors include:

  • Whether your problems are drug-, medication- or alcohol-related
  • The class of the drug or medication in your system (e.g., sedatives, opioids, stimulants, cannabis products)
  • How badly you’re affected by your particular substance problems
  • Others aspects of your health that could affect your attempts to return to sobriety

No matter your situation, psychotherapy is adaptable to your treatment requirements. That’s true because a wide assortment of therapy options are available in our Seal Beach outpatient rehab center. As a rule, these options focus on behavioral change. They do so by helping you make beneficial changes to your thoughts and habitual emotional responses. Improvements in these areas can help you stop using drugs or alcohol. They can also help you maintain your day-to-day sobriety.

Primary treatment in rehab may also be partly medication-based. When combined with therapy, several medications can help you recover from opioid addiction. The same holds true for medications and therapy that support alcoholism recovery. Medication-assisted treatment and MAT are the common terms for plans that include psychotherapy and medication. 

Have questions about your potential primary treatment options? Get them answered today with help from Peninsula Health’s knowledgeable staff.

Adding Holistic Treatments to Primary Recovery Options

Officially, substance problems are defined by the symptoms they produce. However, the actual effects of these problems go well beyond any specific symptoms. In fact, they can harm your overall well-being on both a physical and mental level. For this reason, you may benefit from the addition of holistic treatments to your recovery plan. These treatments get their name because they focus on whole-person wellness rather than the direct effects of harmful drug or alcohol use.

Holistic options can be integrated into any primary rehab plan. Options that may be beneficial for you include:

  • Tai chi
  • Yoga
  • An all-around fitness program
  • Meditation
  • Training in various life skills 
  • Massage 

Consult us today for more information on Peninsula’s Health’s full slate of holistic treatment options.

Help for Dual Diagnosis at Our Seal Beach Center

Tens of millions of Americans have diagnosable substance problems. In addition, tens of millions of people qualify for a diagnosis of depression or another, non-substance-related mental health condition. It’s important to know that these two groups are not entirely separate. In fact, dual diagnosis – i.e., a substance disorder combined with a separate mental illness – is widespread among people in recovery. 

With its combined impact on your overall health, dual diagnosis creates a significant treatment challenge. At Peninsula Health Center, we meet this challenge with customized plans that combine:

  • Targeted substance treatment
  • Specialized care for the second condition affecting you

To learn more about effective dual diagnosis treatment at Peninsula Health, contact us today.

Continuing Your Recovery in Aftercare

Completion of Seal Beach alcohol addiction treatment or Seal Beach drug addiction treatment is a cause for celebration. However, it’s not a sign that you can let your guard down. In the months and years following rehab, you need to continually work on maintaining your sobriety. Otherwise, you may soon find yourself returning to old habits that lead you back to active addiction.

But there’s no need to undertake your long-term sobriety efforts on your own. As addiction specialists are well-aware, a much better option is participation in a rehab aftercare program. Why is organized aftercare the preferred approach? It gives you reliable access to professional and peer support that you can use to sharpen your everyday sobriety skills. 

Peninsula Health makes extensive use of aftercare planning services. Talk to us today for more information on how we can help you stay sober once you complete rehab.  

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Take Advantage of Peninsula Health’s Seal Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

Looking for a trusted drug and alcohol rehab facility that’s accessible to residents of Seal Beach? Turn to the local specialists at Peninsula Health Center. We’re committed to everyday excellence in holistic and evidence-based substance treatment. What’s more, our outpatient model allows you to seek treatment in a format that accommodates today’s busy lifestyles. Ready to get started in one of our outpatient programs? Just contact us today.

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