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Peninsula Heath’s Cocaine Addiction Treatment Center

Cocaine Use Disorder is marked by continued cocaine use despite the negative effects the drug might have on your health, relationships, or other parts of life. If you’re looking for a cocaine addiction treatment center, Peninsula Health’s doctor-owned and operated facility is an ideal solution.

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Our Physician-Led Cocaine Drug Rehab Program

The team at Peninsula Health Center’s cocaine addiction treatment center is highly experienced. Our medically-founded and owned treatment center addresses addiction and mental health concerns from a whole-person perspective. Here are some of the features that set us apart.

The team of licensed professionals at Peninsula Health has extensive experience in treating the physical, emotional, and social effects of addiction. We have medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, a dietician, and other professionals on staff to ensure that all of your medical and mental health needs are taken care of in treatment.

All Peninsula Health Center clients get individualized care plans. Your treatment hours, therapies, activities, and other parts of your schedule will be catered to your unique needs. Before you start treatment at Peninsula Health, we’ll give you a free intake assessment to learn more about you and get to know your treatment needs.

Substance use disorders often co-occur with additional mental health concerns. For example, trauma disorders, anxiety, or depression. When you have a substance use disorder like Cocaine Use Disorder and one or more co-occurring mental health concerns, it is called “dual diagnosis.” If you have a dual-diagnosis disorder, we can help by addressing all of your concerns comprehensively.

Peninsula Health Center optimizes recovery outcomes through an extensive range of evidence-based therapies and treatments. Therapeutic modalities and treatments for cocaine abuse and, if applicable, co-occurring mental health disorders may include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Movement-Oriented Therapies
  • Integrative Therapies
  • Creative Arts Therapy
  • Psychoeducation
  • Mindfulness
  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy

We also offer medication-assisted treatment for substance use disorders, including Cocaine Use Disorder.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for Cocaine Addiction

You might have heard of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for Opioid or Alcohol Use Disorder. However, MAT is also available for cocaine addiction. The goal of MAT is to help you stay off of substances while decreasing cravings and other unfavorable symptoms. This is done through a combination of medications used to treat addiction, therapy, and other aspects of our cocaine addiction treatment programs. In research, MAT is shown to increase positive treatment outcomes. 

MAT is safe and effective. Medications used for Cocaine Use Disorder can include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Baclofen. 
  • Propranolol. 
  • Topiramate. 

Other medications, such as antidepressants, can be valuable for some clients with Cocaine Use Disorder. The medication(s) prescribed to you, and whether or not MAT is part of your care plan at Peninsula Health, depends on your unique needs. 

Peninsula Health clients can access MAT for cocaine addiction regardless of the care level they’re in. Many people stay on MAT to help them remain sober and stable after addiction treatment as part of their relapse prevention plan.


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Cocaine Abuse Treatment Services at Peninsula Health Center

If you or someone else in your life is looking for a cocaine addiction treatment center, you likely want to know what to expect day-to-day while in treatment. Peninsula Health Center is a fully outpatient treatment center, but we have multiple programs that differ in intensity. With that in mind, here are the programs and services offered at Peninsula Health.

If detoxification services are needed, they’re usually the first step in the addiction treatment process. Our outpatient detoxification, or “detox,” program for cocaine addiction will help you get withdrawal symptoms under control without having to stay in an inpatient detox center. Once detox is complete, you can transition into another program, like our partial hospitalization program, where intensive therapy is provided to help you work through the underlying causes of addiction.

Our partial hospitalization program (PHP) has the most intensive treatment schedule out of all of our programs. As a PHP client, your schedule will include 6-8 hours of treatment per day, five days per week. In addition to daily groups and other treatments, you’ll engage in twice-weekly individual therapy as a PHP client. PHP is an ideal alternative to residential inpatient treatment for those who need more intensive support for Cocaine Use Disorder but do not need the 24/7 supervision of a residential inpatient treatment center.

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Peninsula Health differs from PHP because it requires a lower time commitment. IOP is more flexible than PHP, making it a preferred choice among those who have to work, go to school, or care for their family while in treatment. Many clients transition into an IOP schedule after completing PHP so that they can continue getting support while returning to their typical daily schedules. 

Rather than attend treatment eight hours per day, IOP clients attend care three hours per day at Peninsula Health. In contrast to PHP clients, our IOP clients participate in once-weekly individual therapy in addition to groups and other treatments.

Our outpatient program has an even lower time commitment than our intensive outpatient program and is generally used as part of a step-down approach. Ongoing support through Peninsula Health Center’s outpatient program will help you continue your transition back into typical day-to-day life.

Sober living facilities are associated with increased rates of recovery and other benefits in research. Advantages of sober living include but aren’t limited to a safe, substance-free environment, accountability, and a sense of community. Clients in outpatient programs and those who have completed outpatient programs might both choose to stay in sober living to aid their recovery. We can set you or your loved one up with sober living arrangements as needed or desired.

Proper aftercare planning can make a major difference in positive recovery outcomes. Support groups, sober living arrangements, continued therapy, continued medication, job and education planning, and other services might all be a part of a person’s aftercare plan, depending on their needs. Before you complete treatment at Peninsula Health Center, we will help you make a customized aftercare and relapse prevention plan.

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