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Avi Sherbill

Avi Sherbill

Soundbath and Breathwork Facilitator

Avi Sherbill is a Certified Sound Practitioner with a background in sound production, TV and film music composition, as well as having a lifelong passion for all things creative. Having grown up in the world of orthodox jewry, Avi left that life to pursue a career in music but became quickly disconnected from purpose and self. Upon rediscovering a love of the pure vibrational frequency of sound and the power of breath, Avi began creating unique sound healing experiences to help others tune into their higher essence.

Avi joins the Peninsula Health Center team due to a deeply held belief in the Peninsula mission and their approach to treatment. Having had his own experience with recovery and utilizing multidisciplinary, evidence based, and holistic interventions, Avi knows first hand the power of these tools in helping individuals achieve long term recovery. Avi is motivated by the knowledge that recovery is possible through mindfulness based skills like sound therapy and breathwork to help calm the nervous system and help create a beautiful and meaningful life for one’s self. 

Avi studied at the Columbia College and the Art Institute of Chicago and later received tutelage under Mehtab Benton and Don Conreaux to become a certified sound therapist. He is a certified meditation teacher through MMTCP and the University of California, as well as a certified breathwork instructor through Rob Starbucks Breathwork program.

In his role as group facilitator, Avi guides our patients  in the practice of sound therapy, breathwork and mindful awareness to help calm the body and mind, helping our patients  to learn and develop new skills to help navigate their inner lives with greater ease and awareness.