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Amy Calderon

Amy Calderon

Music Therapist

Amy Calderon is a Certified Music Therapist with a background in vocal performance and mental health. Having discovered her passion for helping others, Amy pursued further education in order to incorporate music into her therapeutic approach developing a deep appreciation for the power of music in healing and connecting with others. In her role as group facilitator,  Amy skillfully incorporates a variety of interventions, including instrument play, lyric analysis, songwriting, guided imagery, and more to facilitate coping skills development, creative expression, self-expression, mindfulness, emotion regulation, and stress reduction.

Amy joins the Peninsula Health Center team due to a like minded approach  to patient care honoring her passion for helping individuals find their strength in recovery through alternative and holistic modalities. As a Board Certified Music therapist with over five years of experience, she has honed her approach to be as effective and impactful as possible for the patients she serves. Driven by her genuine interest in mental health, Amy aspires to assist individuals in their recovery process, helping them find strength and resilience. She firmly believes in the transformative power of music and its ability to foster growth and healing. 

Amy began her education at University of San Diego where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music- Vocal Performance and Anthropology. Continuing her education, Amy received her graduate degree in Music Therapy from California State University Northridge. With her clinical background, Amy caters her approach to music therapy to a DBT informed approach to empower her patients on their therapeutic journey.

In her free time Amy prioritizes her own mental health through running. Her passion for running has led her to conquer the impressive feat of completing ten marathons. This commitment to herself and her own well-being enhances her ability to provide compassionate care to others.