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What Role Does Yoga Play in Recovery?

Yoga recovery in Palos Verdes can be essential to any treatment plan. When people picture yoga classes, they imagine a shirtless man with an overwhelming number of muscles, striking difficult poses on a beach. In reality, yoga rehab is much simpler, doesn’t have nearly as much stress or demand, but offers a multitude of physical and psychological benefits that are essential during recovery.

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Different Yoga Programs in Palos Verdes

There are several types of yoga. Each type of yoga rehab program offers similar benefits.

Firstly, yoga recovery in Palos Verdes gives you a chance to improve your physical health. Yoga does not have to be anything you have practiced before, nor does it require a specific level of fitness. Anyone can participate.

Research indicates that yoga programs in Palos Verdes can improve:

  • Musculoskeletal function
  • Cardiopulmonary function
  • Autonomic nervous system activity
  • Endocrine functioning

Secondly, yoga recovery in Palos Verdes provides psychological benefits. When you assume a yogic position, even something as basic as a child’s pose or corpse pose, it can still require engagement and might be a little painful. 

But yogic breathing teaches you to recognize that discomfort is temporary. You learn to breathe through any physical or emotional discomfort associated with the poses and focus your mind on regular body scans and how you are feeling in the present moment.

This can improve:

  • Coping skills
  • Help you handle cravings
  • Deal with temporary mood problems
  • Boost self-efficacy 
  • Enjoy a positive mood

You can participate in yoga recovery in Palos Verdes with simple fitness classes that integrate yoga movements designed to boost strength. You can also find yoga programs that encourage the development of a pattern or routine, which is critical in recovery. Some people prefer basic yoga, which focuses more on breathing and meditation. 


Asana yoga rehab is a treatment that originates with the most basic and repetitive practices designed to build strength. Called “an Asana,” each refers to several steps that are combined to produce one fluid movement. 

These are the foundational positions to any other yogic flow, and as you practice daily asanas, you can build on them so that the repetitions become longer and more challenging.


Pranayama yoga programs in Palos Verdes are more meditative and centered around yogic breathing. Breathing offers a wonderful opportunity to:

  • Be mindful of the present
  • Return your focus to a specific point
  • Relax the body
  • Change your emotions

For example, with certain pranayama practices, you might assume specific positions used in the Asana yoga recovery in Palos Verdes while changing which nostril you breathe in and out of. 

  • Breathing in through the left nostril while closing off the right can encourage the right side of your brain or the more emotional side of your brain to take over. 
  • Conversely, breathing through the right nostril with your left nostril closed can encourage the left side of the brain. 

This means that during practice if you are struggling with anxiety and worrying about the future, you can force the more logical part of your brain to take over and help calm you down.

There is no wrong answer. Any yoga program can be beneficial. 

Long-Term Benefits of Yoga Programs

Yoga programs can boost physical and psychological health long term, but the most important thing they provide is something clients can do at home. Once clients learn basic poses or positions and how to control breathing, they can use simple yoga Asanas or Pranayama breathing when they are stressed or depressed. 

Yoga can be practiced anywhere. While ongoing therapy might be prohibitively expensive after rehab, yoga classes exist just about everywhere. Clients can find different practices in their local towns or online free of charge, meaning they can continue in their pursuit of mindfulness long after treatment. 

Yoga Rehab with Peninsula Health Center

When you sign up for our recovery programs, you can participate in holistic treatment plans that involve yoga and meditation. We understand that addiction can cause severe damage to the mind and the body. True rehab involves overcoming and correcting that damage.

Our treatment plans allow clients to engage in regular morning yoga to boost physical strength before the rest of the day’s activities. This can help clients put themselves in a good mood, work out any kinks from the night, and focus their attention on what matters most. 

Reach out to our team today to learn more about how yoga can help you.