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Find Prescription Medication Management in Palos Verdes

If you or someone you love is struggling with a mental health disorder, and addiction, medication management services can help you find relief for symptoms of your mental health disorder while you continue to treat substance abuse. Any medication management program must be administered and overseen by professionals at a qualified rehab facility.

Peninsula Health Center is a Palos Verdes drug and alcohol rehab center that offers comprehensive medication-managed treatment. Contact us today to learn more about how our Palos Verdes MAT programs can help you.

What Role Does Prescription Medication Play in Recovery?

Prescription medication management can be critical in recovery, particularly in addressing mental health disorders and cravings. A medication management program provides prescription medications to treat aspects of your condition. 

Mental Health Disorders

Over 7.7 million adults have co-occurring mental health disorders and substance abuse. It can be challenging to know which came first.

  • Almost thirty-eight percent of adults with substance abuse disorders develop mental illnesses. 
  • Nearly nineteen percent of adults with mental illnesses struggle with substance abuse disorders.

No Diagnosis

Some people struggle with undiagnosed mental health disorders. They don’t realize that they have turned to drugs and alcohol as a form of self-medication.

You might end up in rehab only to have a professional realize during your treatment that you have an underlying mental health disorder. In these cases, medication management services can start you on medication. 

For depression or anxiety, you might receive medication to treat your current anxiety or depression symptoms, but over the span of your rehab and dual diagnosis treatment, you’ll learn how to substitute coping skills and lessons from therapy to replace medication save for severe episodes or panic attacks. 


Your primary care physician can administer prescription medications for a mental health disorder. So, if you go to your doctor and complain about depressive symptoms, they might give you medication for depression. 

Over time you realize that medication isn’t working all the time, so you supplement with drugs or alcohol. Once in rehab, professionals might realize you actually have bipolar disorder and not depression, which is why the medication didn’t work all the time.

With a medication management program, you can work with those same professionals during rehab to try a new prescription medication for a more accurate mental health diagnosis while also getting treatment for substance abuse.

Medication that Doesn’t Work

Some mental illnesses like ADHD have multiple possible prescription medications you can receive. You might have received one prescription from your doctor, but over time you realize it isn’t working.

Once in rehab, professionals offering prescription medication management might try you on another medication and monitor your progress over the span of your treatment to see if it’s proving more effective.

What Are the Benefits of Using Medication in Addiction Treatment?

Medication is very important during addiction treatment.

  • Prescription medications can be used to treat alcoholism or opioids by reducing the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Ongoing prescription medication management can help prevent relapse by prescribing non-addictive medications that inhibit any high or drunkenness from substances or cause painful side effects like vomiting.
  • Prescription medication management can help treat underlying mental health disorders. If you are in rehab, it is easier for you to focus on your addiction treatment if you are not also dealing with symptoms of depression, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety attacks, or bipolar disorder.
  • A medication management program doesn’t just prescribe medications and leave you on your own. These programs prescribe medications and monitor their effectiveness in order to find the most appropriate combination. This is especially important for treating co-occurring mental health disorders like bipolar disorder.

What Are Prescription Medication Management Services?

Medication management services are services that not only write prescriptions for your treatment but monitor their effectiveness. You will likely report different symptoms and severities during the course of your individual and group therapy sessions in rehab. This will help your team members recognize whether a particular prescription is working or whether you need to try something else.

How to Find Prescription Medication Management in Palos Verdes

Prescription medication management services need to be provided by prescribers who are certified and understand your condition personally. That is why your recovery must include a medication management program offered in conjunction with your ongoing therapy. If you are ready to get help with a prescription medication management program, we can help. 

With Peninsula Health Center, you can participate in multiple levels of care, such as partial hospitalization programs or outpatient treatment, while receiving medication management services for things like dual diagnosis situations. 

At our South Bay addiction treatment center, you can work one-on-one with qualified therapists and participate in group sessions, during which time your team of healthcare providers will get to know your condition and your current mental health status and help you address symptoms of mental health disorders with proper medication.

Reach out to Peninsula Health today to find a medication management program in your area.