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What is MAT for Opioid Addiction?

When it comes to MAT for opioid use disorder, multiple medications provide clients with the consistency and support necessary for early and sustainable recovery. Those who choose MATs addiction treatment for opioids should also attend additional treatment to address the mental and emotional needs of the client following addiction.

When an individual chooses MAT for opioid addiction, they have multiple medical options to support recovery. Peninsula Health Center provides multiple medication options for clients interested in MAT opioid addiction treatment.

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What is MAT for Opioid Addiction?

MAT stands for medication-assisted treatment. This is an FDA-approved process for supporting clients through the recovery process for opioid addiction treatment.

Clients who take daily medication or receive a monthly injection of medicine that helps reduce withdrawal symptoms, eliminate cravings, and prevent the high associated with opioid use.

MAT acts as a medicated support system. When choosing MAT, clients are made aware of the dangers of relapse, following MAT use, and the benefits of how MAT can support them through recovery. Since MAT has both short-term and long-term capabilities, it is typically used as a transitional support through early recovery and for those who struggle long-term with addiction.

What Medications Are Used to Treat Opioid Use Disorder?

There are three primary medications utilized in the treatment of opioid use disorder. While all three are FDA-approved, many clinics will choose to focus on one or two medical options for clients. Therefore, when looking for a comprehensive opioid treatment program, clients should know the differences between buprenorphine, methadone, and naloxone treatment.

One of the most common MAT opioid treatments is methadone. It is not always known for its positive effects on individuals because without structured use and medical monitoring, individuals can become addicted to methadone. Most often found in pill form, individuals who use methadone as a medication-assisted treatment receive similar opioid blocking as the drug they were using without the attached high. Methadone requires individuals to take pills or injections daily and can be easily mismanaged.

Another MAT program that provides clients with continuous support is buprenorphine. Buprenorphine is given in a monthly injectable and prevents the Client from feeling the high associated with substance abuse. For individuals interested, buprenorphine is often used in early recovery to eliminate the high associated with use in case of lapse. Buprenorphine is a constant support system for individuals who are choosing to make a change to a sober lifestyle. However, after using be, a client’s tolerance for a substance is significantly reduced. This is where individuals who stop using buprenorphine as a recovery tool often experience potentially catastrophic use-related incidents.

Lastly, naltrexone is used as a MAT for opioid use. Most commonly known as the overdose reversal drug, naltrexone can prevent clients from getting high through structure or one-time use.

How to Find MAT Opioid Treatment Programs in Palos Verdes

Instead of searching all over to find MAT opioid treatment programs in Palos Verdes, start your research with Peninsula Health Center. We offer multiple MAT programs in our boutique treatment center. Buprenorphine and naloxone treatments support clients through structured wellness detox.

Our Palos Verdes drug and alcohol rehab center allows clients to recover in a relaxing, homelike environment. We at Peninsula Health Center believe in the power of a holistic approach to detoxification and recovery. Our clients have access to mental, physical, emotional, and nutritional health experts to support clients growth toward their recovery and sobriety goals. Contact Peninsula Health Center today to learn more about our MAT opioid treatment programs in Palos Verdes.