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Are There MAT Outpatient Rehabs?

When it comes to searching for Medication-Assisted Treatment programs, many individuals are probably wondering what exactly happens in this type of program. They wonder about the medication, the other types of treatment, and the requirements for individuals during the program. 

Through Peninsula Health Center, individuals can experience life-changing results from MAT outpatient rehab. With extensive treatment options for individuals interested in medication-assisted outpatient rehab treatment, Peninsula Health Center allows clients to make significant changes in their lifestyle while maintaining some of their day-to-day responsibilities.

Speak with a treatment coordinator today to learn more about what MAT outpatient rehab offers are available through Peninsula Health Center.

What is Medication-Assisted Treatment?

While Medication-Assisted Treatment is not new, it is currently in the process of being expanded upon. Over the last two decades, pharmacists, physicians, and medical professionals have worked, and are continuing to work, on finding medications that support individuals through the rehabilitation process. Currently, there are multiple FDA-approved medications that are proven to help clients through detoxification and provide support through the recovery process. In addition, these medications are meant to limit cravings, eliminate the high associated with the drug, and even support with some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms. Many MAT medications are multi-purpose and provide clients with medical measures to help their recovery process.

What Does Medication-Assisted Treatment Entail?

Many are concerned about what Medication-Assisted Treatment entails because they need to familiarize themselves with the newer treatment method. The medications, additional treatment, and requirements for this style of program are not necessarily unique to the recovery process. However, they are being combined in new, more proactive, and supportive ways.

The medications available in outpatient MAT rehab centers are designed to support clients through treatment. FDA-approved medications for opioid withdrawal and overdose and anti-alcohol consumption are widely accepted and approved by medical professionals. The most commonly known are Buprenorphine, Naltrexone, and Methadone. In fact, Narcan, another common MAT medication, is widely available to the public at local pharmacies and is carried by First Responders. 

Medication-assisted treatment also entails multiple other styles of treatment. The idea of MAT outpatient treatment programs is that through support from the medication, individuals are able to better focus on their rehabilitative therapies and achieve long-term sobriety. In a medication-assisted outpatient rehab, individuals will also attend individual and group therapy sessions multiple times per week. This treatment method is designed to provide clients the opportunity to maintain a job or other responsibilities while also undergoing treatment for their personal health.

Individuals are also concerned about whether outpatient MAT rehab treatment is the right fit for them because of the requirements of the programs. Currently, MAT is ideal for individuals with opioid use disorders and alcohol use disorders. However, individuals with other substance use disorders can benefit from some of the medications provided through withdrawal. Medication-assisted treatment is also ideal for clients who have previously experienced relapses while in recovery programs.

Are There MAT Outpatient Rehabs?

While many individuals have direct access to medication-assisted treatment through inpatient rehab centers, that style of therapy isn’t for everyone. Therefore, MAT’s early design was an outpatient format that allowed clients to access a medical professional for the medication treatment—injection or pill— and then continue with therapy in an outpatient style. 

Currently, there are many MAT outpatient treatment centers that provide the medication and recommend or require individuals to attend outpatient rehab through another dedicated facility. However, there are more comprehensive MAT outpatient rehabs, like Peninsula Health Center, that provide clients with a complete treatment experience.

Peninsula Health Center Offers Outpatient Medication-Assisted Management Programs

At Peninsula Health Center, we want individuals to experience a treatment that works. Therefore, our non-residential programs provide clients with multiple treatment opportunities to worth through their substance use disorders with FDA-approved medication and high-quality treatment experiences. 

Our Palos Verdes drug and alcohol rehab center offers clients holistic treatment opportunities designed to benefit the mind, body, and spirit. We are also capable of supporting individuals with dual-diagnosis disorders, such as anxiety, depression, other mood disorders, and trauma. We pride ourselves in providing structured treatment through traditional methods, but without pushing our clients through 12-step programs or SMART Recovery programming. Contact Peninsula Health Center to learn more about our addiction treatment services in South Bay and outpatient MAT rehab.