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What is Vivitrol?

As a result of the opioid epidemic, medical professionals have spent the last three decades searching for medications to support individuals during the recovery and addiction treatment process. Vivitrol is one such medication that is nonaddictive and FDA-approved. As a result, medication-assisted treatments are available for individuals who struggle with opioid addiction and are widely accepted as positive and valid recovery plans. 

At Peninsula Health Center, we offer several medication-assisted treatment plans, including Vivitrol, to our clients to support their progress through addiction treatment. In conjunction with regular individual, counseling, and group therapy, we provide medication and assisted treatments to help clients through their most challenging moments.

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What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is the brand name for Naloxone. It is a drug that is used to block opioid pain receptors. This means that individuals who use Vivitrol cannot get high from opioids or opiates. The use of Vivitrol to manage addiction provides individuals with a backup and a support basis through treatment.

Vivitrol can be administered as a shot in the buttocks or through daily prescription pills. Clients often use Vivitrol for three months to several years during addiction treatment. During this time, individuals are able to regulate their bodies with low risks. However, should an individual stop using Vivitrol and start using it again, there can be extreme consequences. Individuals who use Vivitrol through the recovery process lower their tolerance to opioids. This can be dangerous if they start to use it again at the same amount or with the same frequency they did previously. Using opioids after Vivitrol can increase the likelihood of overdose.

How is Vivitrol Used?

Vivitrol is used to support clients during the recovery process. Because the medication works to block the opioid receptors, it can effectively block the high individuals get when using opioids. Therefore, using Vivitrol is a way for addicts in recovery to have a steady support basis in addition to their therapeutic treatment.

Vivitrol is used as a medication-assisted treatment plan that the FDA and many medical professionals widely accept. Since the development of medication-assisted treatment, many have viewed it with concern and questions. However, the benefits of using Vivitrol far outweigh the negatives.

Throughout treatment, Vivitrol is administered once monthly as an injection or can be provided as a once-daily pill. Individuals using Vivitrol must have a valid support system because individuals who use Vivitrol do have an increased chance of experiencing depression and have noted an increased risk of suicidal tendencies.

What Are the Benefits of Vivitrol in Treatment?

Vivitrol has a number of benefits when it comes to recovery and addiction treatment plans. This medication-assisted treatment has both physical and psychological benefits for clients.

The physical benefits of Vivitrol include:

  • The prevention of opioid highs.
  • A stabilized release of medication through the system.
  • A more gradual return to stable physical and brain function.

Additionally, many medical professionals feel that overall psychological benefits far outweigh the physical benefits. Clients who use Vivitrol to support and maintain their sobriety report a lack of cravings while also feeling like the medication provides additional support and relief, especially clients who have experienced relapses. Medical professionals say that clients who are on Vivitrol through early addiction. As a result, clients are more able to focus on changing negative behaviors and managing their self-management skills related to use.

How to Find Evidence-Based Medication-Assisted Addiction Treatment

When searching for evidence-based medication-assisted addiction treatment, it is important to search for specific types. Vivitrol is only one of the types of medication-assisted treatment that is available for individuals who are addicted to opioids. Vivitrol is for clients who are able to maintain sobriety long enough to receive the injection intramuscularly and who have a support system to keep them consistent and monitor for psychological changes. Other medication-assisted treatments for opioid addiction include methadone and buprenorphine, which are addictive and have their own adverse side effects. At Peninsula Health Center, we support our clients with medication. Assisted treatment designed to meet their specific addiction needs. Through personalized South Bay addiction treatment, we work one-on-one with clients to determine the best possible method for their recovery plan.